Yogurddiction - frozen yogurt on wheels!

1st ever frozen yogurt truck in Melbourne, Victoria, healthy frozen yogurt delivery!

Welcome to the Yogurddiction home page!

We are the first ever frozen yogurt truck in Melbourne, Victoria!

From here you can check out our mouthwatering menu, track the location of our mobile frozen yogurt truck, and find out where we're going to be next as food vendors for events around Melbourne.

The Yogurddiction frozen yogurt van has been on the road since the summer of 2011/2012, offering delicious healthy frozen yogurt delivery across the inner city. We bring our unique blends to frozen yogurt addicts in two ways; direct from our old-timey van (wherever it happens to be), and by special delivery (for orders over $30). We're also available for bookings as an event food vendor, and for private or corporate parties (by special appointment).

We're proud to offer a frozen yogurt recipe that is not only non-fat and full of healthy probiotics, but also free of artificial colours, preservatives and other additives. We source our fresh fruits and other flavours from local farmers, so you get a bigger flavour hit - with a smaller carbon footprint. With over a dozen base flavours, and over twenty different toppings and drizzles, you're sure to find one you love. Explore the choices via 'Menu' at the top of the page, and follow us on Facebook for even more creative combos.

Next time you're craving frozen yogurt in the Melbourne CBD and surrounds, hit up Yogurddiction! See exactly where we're at by clicking 'Track our van - view our route' at the top of the page to bring up our page.

Alternatively, you can get in contact with the Yogurddiction team at +61 424 251 698 or drop an email at

Happy nomming!

- Yogurddiction